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We are creating the future of Distribution Value Chain for FMCG Sector by bringing together the 3 key pillars: Brands, Distributors, and Retail Outlets on a single Digital platform

We use Digital & AI to Make Great Things Happen

At FaidaKart, our team is highly excited to build the Future of Distribution Value Chain for FMCG sector, where the key players would be able to Connect, Engage, and Transact in a seamless, real time digital environment that is powered by state of the art Digital, AI & Advanced Analytics Technologies


Helping Retail Outlets Succeed

Our offerings are aimed at creating an AI Driven Digital Ecosystem for Retail Outlets where they can connect & transact with Authorised Distributors appointed by Manufacturers that eliminates the inefficiencies and creates a sustainable business environment resulting in a win-win for all Stakeholders in the Distribution Value Chain


We are on a mission to help Retail Outlets improve efficiency and increase margins by using Digital as the Enabler

Right Sourcing 

By connecting directly with the Authorised Distributors, Retail Outlets gain access to Better Prices, Wider Assortment, Latest Products, Ongoing Promos and Schemes that otherwise are not accessible to them


Product Placements & display is critical to Retail Business and  leads to increased sales for Retailers. Small retailers can use our digital learning resources to learn and implement best practices in merchandising

Customer Connect

Our Digital Ordering Ecosystem, helps Retail Outlets connect & engage with their end customers over a WhatsApp powered Digital Channel. End customers can easily place their orders over WhatsApp eliminating the need to visit the Stores and also make payments.

Revenue Growth

We help Retail Outlets earn additional revenue by connecting them with various Brands & Manufacturers for renting out their Shelf Displays, Wall bays and other visibility creation initiatives

Faida Duka - Built for for the Small & Mid Size Retailers

Our team has in-depth understanding of the operational challenges faced by Small & Mid-Size Retailers in replenishing stocks for their shop. These challenges can be related to replenishing the stocks at the best prices, getting access to wider assortment, door step delivery or eliminating Out of Stock Situations.

Right Sourcing

Best Prices & Assortment

Door Step Delivery

Faida Mart - Helping Super Markets Win with Digital & AI

Large Retail Outlets & Super Markets face a continuous threat of losing customers to Larger Retail Chains.

With Faida Mart, Super Markets can Communicate with their customers over a digital channel and Engage them with various offers and benefits that can lead to higher loyalty and repeat business. Retailers can use the same Digital channel for ordering their replenishments from the Brand Authorised Distributors

Customer Connect

Online Ordering

Increased Loyalty

FaidaKart- Creating a Digital Future for FMCG Distribution

At FaidaKart, our vision is to multiply the benefits of all stakeholders in the FMCG Distribution Ecosystem right from Manufacturers to Distributors to Retailers. We are on a mission to eliminate the inefficiencies in the distribution value chain by facilitating all stakeholders with a State of the Art Digital Infrastructure that helps everyone emerge as winners

FaidaKart- Key Benefits to Stakeholders

“FaidaKart helps Manufacturers connect directly with the Retail Outlets selling their Products thereby opening up a critical channel for FMCG Brand Owners to run campaigns & promotions specifically suited for Small Retailers”


“Distributors get an opportunity to service an untapped market that were not able to directly serve earlier and was addressed through 3rd party agencies. With FaidaKart offerings, Distributors are able to increase their Margins & serve customers directly ”


“Retailers get access to better prices offered directly by the Distributors with a wider product assortment and company promotions that helps them improve their sourcing leading to better margins and higher sales”


Maximise Your Retail Outlet Productivity With FaidaKart

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